Lance Dutson’s questionable rise to fame

April 4, 2007

(In the beginning, US Senator Susan Collins’ webmaster Lance Dutson hijacked the Camden Lincoln Rockland Chamber of Commerce’s website to falsely accuse the Maine Office of Tourism of misusing Google Adwords. Here is the phony press release:


The simple truth about Google Adwords and “Pay-per-Gate” is right here:

The MOT honestly tried to get Dutson to the table. Dutson ran out on that meeting. This time he wasn’t only dealing with gullible internet newbies – these were genuine experts. When it came to reality, he panicked and ran away. )


  • Dutson accused the MOT of accepting bribes in the form of “thousands of dollars” worth of free RedSox tickets, including box seats

Yet he even admitted himself to knowing that this was a false accusation -though he later deleted that admission. He knew they were only standard bench seats that routinely come with every full page ad, and nobody at the MOT got any for free, or even for cheap, nor had they ever. And he quoted scalper prices, inflating their value by thousands of dollars.

A Maine governement official was once seen in a box seat. He was the guest of a relative who owned the box seat.

Dutson knew this, yet the brazenly lying headlines stayed, and for months after, were repeated ad nauseum.

  • Dutson accused the MOT director of “Misappropriation of Funds” for “illegally” marketing within his own state.

Yet again, he eventually admitted that he had made a mistake, and the law which he had previously cited did not even exist. But once again, the accusations stayed up in bold print on his blog. Most large states of course do market within their borders.

  • Dutson got ahold of an email in which the director thanked an industry colleague for an upgrade to business class for another very tall colleague, after the plane had left the ground. So Dutson accused him of accepting bribes in the form of “free airline tickets.”

But all anyone had ever accepted was a free upgrade to Business Class based upon availability – a professional courtesy extended by Virgin Air. Upgrades such as these are even available to the general public who are frequent fliers- all they have to do is ask. But Dutson still kept ranting about these corrupt (and non-existent) “bribes”, always in inflammatory terms ……felonies, bribery, corruption, corruption and more corruption.

When I disproved some accusations in comments on his blog, as always, he simply deleted my comments.

  • Dutson accused the Lewis’ of accepting bribes in the form of “Free Fancy Digs” in New York City when they went there on business or pleasure.

But as everyone including Dutson has already been told too many times to count, these accomodations were far from fancy; in fact they were far less fancy than the hotel rooms which would have been a legitimate write-off for them.

It was nothing but a tiny studio apartment belonging to a very old friend who had been a subcontractor for the PR agency since long before Dann and Sherry even moved to Maine. They only stayed there because they need to travel with their adopted “special needs” pets. When this old friend was in Maine, she stayed with the Lewis’.

And every time Dann stayed there, they saved the State of Maine $200-300 a night in hotel fees.

After Dutson’s complaints, they were forbidden by Augusta to stay there, and we the taxpayers once again had to pick up the MOT’s N.Y. hotel tab.

Dutson knows this perfectly well. Yet still, he loudly and rabidly kept hawking the lies.

  • Dutson accused Ms Lewis (A private citizen) of “Conflict of Interest” for working on an RFP and sitting on a bidding team.

Yet he’s perfectly well aware that Ms, Lewis was not even on the payroll, and was asked by Augusta to work pro bono. So that, even if there had been a conflict, she did not commit any improprieties. interest.

Yet again….still he rants about it.

  • Dutson accused Dann of firing the Maine ad agency and hiring WKP from New York. He accuses Dann of nepotism for hiring his buddies and points out that Dan’s wife is also from New York.

Dann had nothing to do with either the firing or hiring and did not know a soul at WKP until they were hired. He even recused himself from the bidding process. They were hired because they submitted the lowest bid. Yes, his wife is from New York. New York is a big state.

  • Dutson did considerable damage to an innocent Democrat who had once been falsely charged with a misdemeanor at a young age. The false charge against the young man was later thrown out of court and wiped off his record.

Yet Dutson libelously repeats this blatant lie and refers to the innocent victim as a “Known Convicted Felon“. He even posted the man’s picture, setting it all up to look like a “Wanted” poster.

  • Longwoods, one of the world’s leading travel research firms, correctly broadcast that Maine was the only N.E. state to see an increase in tourism since 9/11.

To discredit them, Dutson seriously inflated their fees and called them incompetent.

In this case, as in most every other case, he is completely wrong. But the only evidence he offers is his own say-so. Apparently this is enough for a mindless Dutson groupie.

This is just a few of the phony accusations agasint the Lewis’s.

You can see a few more allegations here:


Lance Dutson is perfectly aware that he is lying. These intentionally false accusations have cost Maine taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. It is small wonder that this offense is considered a serious felony in so many states.How odd that in Maine, instead of being punished, he is rewarded with a position as webmaster for Maine senator Susan Collins.??? 

[UPDATE: We can assume that this why he has- 3/08 – finally removed every single lying post about these things. These were his only claims to fame – his stairway to Washington politics, the only thing that bought him the seat on the Libby Trial, and the job as Collins’ webmaster.
Now they’re gone.
Finally, there are now more than just vacuous webrats reading up on it.





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